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Is Now a Good Time to Refinance My Home?

With interest rates hitting all-time lows over the past few weeks, many homeowners are opting to refinance. To decide if refinancing your home is the best option for you and your family,

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The U.S. Orders A Break On Mortgage Payments. What Does That Mean?

65% of mortgages are eligible for deferred payments during this time. CALL YOUR LENDER if you need to defer payment with NO PENALTY! It's not automatic, you must call your lender. Not sure who they

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8 Eye-Opening Things Home Inspectors Can’t Tell You

What’s included in a home inspection may not be as important as what isn’t.A home inspection may feel like a final exam, but it's not quite so clear cut. Your inspector's

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Are you waiting for house prices to drop during the next recession? Why you could have a very a long wait

The last recession was caused in part by a downturn in the housing marketBloomberg News/LandovThe housing market could provide a cushion to the national economy in the next recession, economists say

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