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How Big a Home Can You Afford? A Surprising Price per Square Foot Tour Across America

iStock/CT757fan/AndreyPopov/realtor.comIf you're hoping to buy a home, one of the main things you've likely obsessed over is how big a home you can get. Can you afford a four-bedroom, or

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And the Top 5 Landscaping Trends of 2020 Are...

iStock/EirasophieMost folks want to start the new year with some serious self-improvement: Lose 20 pounds, write the next great American novel—and, yes, finally whip that scraggly backyard

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Competition for housing is so high, the spring market is starting now

KEY POINTSSpring has historically been the busiest buying season, but as competition for homes heats up across the country, January is the new April.From 2015 through 2018, the peak month for

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7 Reasons to Accept the First Offer on Your House

istock/LightFieldStudiosHow do you know you've found The One? The one offer on your home worth taking, that is. It's entirely natural for sellers to consider multiple offers from

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